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International Ethic Charter Escort Agency

With the aim for evolve and introduce us in an innovative project about a need of ethics for escorting activities ; this charter has the ambitious wish to initiate a respectful and human management from part of businesses firms who purpose is to offer escort service for pay, in decent conditions, and total freedom of choice.

This charter constitutes a quality label for all followers and they have to accept and ensure to stick to the conditions listed hereafter :

- With respect to conditions of membership, they are free, as well as logo. Publication of the label requires permission of Platinum escorts geneva. Platinum keeps the rights to cancel one's membership in case of non-observance of one of conditions below :

- Managers of escort agency undertake to administer their firm and never hinder freedom, somehow, of their partners exerting escorting.

-Managers of escort agencies having a website does not display faces discovered of their escorts-girls although they give their consent to do it, in order to preserve their anonymity and their rights of privacy.

- Managers escort agency promise to alert authorities if any breach of human rights, inform against any abuses they have knowledge of, to ask fast police intervention if they observe cases of escorting as regards minors, even if the afore mentionned look like acquiescent.

-In the event of significant distress of ladies escorts who introduced themselves to practice an escort service activity, managers must advise against and guide to social welfare after their consent. It is also advisable to inform strangers of social and legal assistance they might benefit.

- For ethical motive, social and legal opportunities, the signatories of the charter, promise not giving following to escorting services for pay concerning pregnant women. They must discourage such practices that we consider contrary to the well-being of the child. The coordinate's social welfare will be providing, in needed, for future mothers, notably those of Youth protection.

The responsibles undertake to respect the confidentiality to their models escorts and never disclose any informations that they could communicate them, which would involve a breach of trust.

The responsibles, in return of remuneration, get involved them to assure a service defined by mutual assent, if possible with a contract defined by mutual assent. The remuneration must not exceed the amount initially fixed, except prior agreement.

- The responsibles of escort agency agree to not collaborate with people with mental disorders and contraindications linked to health problems, of course, when managers are well aware.

- The responsibles promise not to exercise mental manipulation, to keep their escort girls under control, for purpose of trading benefice.

- The responsibles commit themselves to encourage their partners call-girls to leave this activity in the event of obvious symptoms of despondency linked with this activity.

-The responsibles pledged  to be in a communication benignant and attentive with escorts girls  whose they are in charge.

- The responsibles promise to proceed a prevention about sexually transmitted diseases and motivate the persons exercising escorting  to be monitored by health professionals.

-The responsibles undertake to recruit only major persons of more than eighteen years old. They also assure to give them a reflexion period of seven days  to the persons less than twenty-one years old, so that the kind of activity is perfectly understood and well thought-out-for give an informed consent. 

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